Grinders, Grinder Heads & Accessories
Wizard IV Grinder                              
Comes standard with 1" and 1/4" diamond bits, a Face Shield and a Second Story Work Surface.  The reversible work surface and the lift-off reservoir make clean-up fast and easy.  A covered built-in storage stray keeps tools and accessories conveniently at your fingertips.
Wiz CG Grinder                                 
9" x 10" detachable and reversible work surface with water reservoir tray that lifts off for easy cleaning.  3/4" diamond coated heads included. 3/4" BitSert and Invisible Sponge Systems.

Diamond Grinder Heads                  
WB-1 3/4" Grinder Bit                                TIC40001
WB-8 1/4" Grinder Bit                                TIC40008
WB-9 1" Grinder Bit                                   TIC40009      

Second Story Work Surface         
An elevated work surface to help when using the small drilling/grinding bits such as 1/8" or 1/4",  has a self-contained coolant reservoir.  Fits all INLAND grindres and all GLASSTAR except the Starlet.
Face Shield                                      
Large, injection molded acrylic shield with a 12" x 9" viewing area.  Fits all recent model INLAND Grinders.
Motor Shaft Lubricant                
To avoid having your grinder bits "seize up" on the shaft. apply a small amount of this Teflon-based lubricant to the motor shaft of your grinder whenever you change bits, or periodically as necessary.  This shaft lubricant is not water soluble so it won't dissolve.  Also help to keep glass dust from penetrating the motor.
Strip and Circle Maker
Used in combination with your glass cutter.  We suggest using an oil cutter, or purchase the optional 6 wheel turret holder.  The larger 11" brass strip guide i easier to handle and more stable.
Glass Cutters
Cutters: Narrow Head Oil Cutter
Oil reservoir clear glass cutter, comes with small narrow carbide wheel for general purpose pattern cutting.

Cutter Replacement Heads:
TIC50090Narrow Head for pattern cutting
TIC50091Wide Head for straight edge cutting
Hollander Glass Inc.
Six Wheel Turret
Used with INLAND's strip and circle maker
Glass Station" Tool Organizier
Tool Organizer
Complete tool organizer and work station, holds all of the imortant tools and supplies that s stained glass crafter used.  Organizes tools in the order they are used from tracing pens to soldering irons with plenty of space for misc. stuff.
Solering Iron Stand
Iron stand
Wizling CG Grinder                         
Same features as the Wiz CG with a smaller motor and no InvisibleSponge System. 3/4" Grinder head included.
Nick's Grinder's Mate      

-Grips glass firmly                            -Protects finger tips
-Moves smoothly                              -Improve accuracy
-Improve grinding speed                 -Keeps Glass 90 to grinding head
-Frees hands for supporting glass -Makes grinding fun
Grinder Station                 
This fully adjustable and washable vinyl surround will keep your work area clean and safe by containing saw and shaper over spray.  Set up around the back and sides of your INLAND GRINDER, SwapTop Trim Saw, Flat Lap, or Shaper/Edger and keep your work area clean and safe.
Miscellaneous Accessories