Hollander Glass Inc.

Six Wheel Turret
Used with Glastar's Stripper and Circle Cutter
- TGL40320
This tool takes the fear out of breaking small pieces of glass.  jaws open to 3/16". 
- TGL40350
Black Glass Square
This square is perfect for accurately cutting pieces of glass up to 12-1/2" wide.
- TGL40375
Hand Foilers
These are perfect tool for centering and applying the foil to the edge of a piece of glass.
- 3/16"TGL40481
- 7/32"TGL40482
- 1/4"  TGL40483
Ringstar Pliers
These ingenious running pliers have a patented pressure system.  Just look through the window of accurately position the Ringstar over the score line.  Replacement jaws available.
- TGL40484
Lead Vise
Utilizes a strong spring and grooved teeth to leep lead came in place while stretching.  Made of die-cast aluminum for years of trouble-free use.
- TGL40550
Stanton Stretcher
Designed to use the simple principle of leverage, the Stanton Stretcher makes the tedious job of stretching lead came effortless in a studio of any size.  It tales the danger out of this critical step and is capable of stretching 1/8" to 5/8" lead came with ease.
- TLG40560
Drill Bits
Diamond Coated Drill Bits
These unique diamond coated drill bits will clean holes in glass effectively.  Simple to use and fit and portable electric drill.
- 1/8" #TGL45013
- 1/4" #TGL45025
- 3/8" #TGL45038
Foiling Devices
Faster than hand foiling, you can apply foil to glass edges in half the time or less. The Glasfoiler accepts 3 sizes of foil: 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4"; and can dispense 2 different sizes at the same time.
Easily folds the copper foil around the edges of the glass.  Designed for 1/8" thick art glass.
- TGL40480
Glass Cutting Square
Glass Cutters
Stripper and Circle Cutter
Take hours off the tedious task for cutting the same size glass.  Use it to cut borders, rectangles, square, diamonds and even trapezoids.  Calibrated T-bar cut strips from 1/2" to 12" wide.  The Circle Cutter scores perfect circles from 3" to 25" in diameter.
Turret contains six high quality cutting wheels.  Replacement turrets available.
- TGL40300
Glass Pliers
Glass Snapper
Leading Tools
Hand Tools