Paper & Solder
MPS300  Brown Kraft Paper
MPS200  Manila Cutting Paper
MPS100  White Drawing Paper

MPR148  White Cutting Paper (48" x 1100 feet)
MPR248  Manila Drawing Paper (48" x 540 feet)
CANFIELD  Availabel in 1 LB. Spools

MMS2050  50/50 Solder  50% tin, 50% lead.  The ideal solder for copper foil seams and                           general purpose use.

MMS2060  60/40 Solder 60% tin, 40% lead.  For use on copper foil seams and lead came                        seams.  Offers superior flow over 50/50, with more flow per inch than 50/50.


MMS2063  A premium solder designed with the artist in mind.  Made by a special process,                      ULTIMATE combines tin, lead, and two other metals to produce the perfect solder.                   It goes from solid to liquid and back to solid instantly with no past  range, creating                   a solid, even seam.  NO WAVY HEAT LINES in your seams.  Work faster than                       eve while running the smoothest beaded seam.  It does the job with one pass of                      the iron. For best results, use a rheostat to control soldering iron.


MMS2080  Set up quickly and beads instantly.  This solder was developed for the stained                         glass production solderer as well as the artisan.  QUICK SET makes a perfect
                bead with one pass of the iron, and the bead sets up instantly with a silvery
  shine.  It surpasses Canfield's 50/50 in its ability to make an excellent bead.


MMS1070  PEWTER-FINISH Lead-Free wire solder.  This product is 100% safe for jewelry,                       skin contact and food receptacle applications.  It has the penetration, solderability                   and capillary actioin of 50/50 and maintains a beautiful pewter finish.
  A unique solder that renders a light weight, yet strong products with lovely satin                      finished seams resembling pewter.
Hollander Glass Inc.
AMERWAY Available in 1 LB. Spools:

MMS1050  50% Tin, 50% Lead:  The ideal solder for copper foil seams & general purpose use.
MMS1060  60% Tin, 40% Lead:  For use on copper foil seams & lead came seams.  Offers superior
                                               flow over 50/50 with more flow per inch than 50/50.

Soldering Iron & Tips
TW180  SPG -80  80 watt. The best seller for many years. High quality iron              comes with 1/4" and 3/8" iron clad tips.  When hooked up to a                    temperature control (sold seperately).
TWI120  SP-120 120 watt. Best for attaching brace bars or used without
            temperature control for fast lead and foil work. Come with 1/2" iron clad                 tip.
TWI100  SP-175 175 watt. Heavy duty for production work.  Comes with 5/8" iron
            clad tip.
TWI100  W-100 100 watt.  Incorporated temperature control holds iron to 700
            degree range. Comes with 3/8" iron clad tip
TWG000 Tempmatic Gun  This gun has a 700 degree controlled, 3/16" wide
             chisel tip and while not large enought for any but the smaller leads,
             it is excellent for copper foil, especially lamps.
1-   TWT20 3/8" Tip for SPG-80
     TWT21 1/4" Tip for SPG-80
2-   TWT30 1/2" Tip for SP-120
      TWT40 5/8" Tip for SP-175
3-   Tips for W-100 Soldering Iron
      TWT1001    1/8" Tip
      TWT1002  3/16" Tip
      TWT1003    1/4" Tip
      TWT1004    3/8" Tip
      TWT1005  Bead Tip
4-    TWG001  Tempmatic Gun
FX-601 Soldering Iron
The extremely lightweight, ergonomic handpiece allows you to solder for long periods of time without hand fatigue.
Soldering iron Holder
Hold GX-601 Iron and other American HAKKO models
T19 Soldering Iron Tip
Replacement Tip for
FX-601 Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Paste
100% lead free, does not
contain diamonium
phosphate & leave no
corrosive residue..

Soldering Iron Control
Keep temperature more constant
when soldering lead.

Tip Cleaner Sponge Refill

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
Soldering Iron & Tips

The most efficient way to clean off the residue that collects on a hot solering iron.