Amchem Putty
-Excellent for water-proofing &
strengthening leaded window panels.
-  1/2 Pint             MCP008
-  Pint                  MCP016
-  Quart                MCP032
-  Gal.                  MCP100
AmChem Whiting -
-Cleaning up and absorbs putty from
leaded glass panels.
-1 1/2 pounds(PT.)     MCW150
-     3 pounds (QT.)    MCW300
-   50 pounds            MCW5000
DAP's 1012 Glazing
-Professional quality compound. Excellent
for water-proofing and strengthening leaded
window panel.
- 1. Gal. Container  MCD100
Glastar Glasflux
-A popular water soluble flux, can be
used on either lead or foil.
- 4 ounce Bottle            MCG004
- 1 Gallon Contaimer     MCG100
Inland Cement System -
-Add strength to finished window, makes a weather-tight and solid window.
- 4 pounds       MCI0400
-15 pounds      MCI1500
LIVA Stained Glass Polish
-Insures bright, even durable finish on 
soler treated with copper patina.
-12 ounce Bottle              MCL012
-1 gallon Contaimer          MCL100
Kwik-Clean Flux & Patina Remover -
-Non-toxic cleaner that will efectively
remove flux & patina fr. your stained
glass project. Spay on & wipe off.
-16 ounce            MCKC016
- 1 gallon             MCKC100
LA-CO Brite Flux Liquid
-A non-acid flux with a self cleaning
additive to cut sown pre-cleaning you tip.
Can be used on either lead or foil.
- Pint                     MCL0016
- Quart                   MCL0032
- 1 Gallon               MCL0100
LA-CO Soldering Flux Paste
-Non-liquid, nontoxic, water soluble flux.
Can be used on either lead or foid.
- 4 Ounce Can       MCL1040
- 1 Pound Can       MCL1000
Nokorode Paste Flux
-Used to re-tin soldering iron tip &
to solder other metal, coper, steel
wire, steel brace bar, etc.....
-1.7 Oz. Can        MCNF008
-1 LB. Can           MCNF100
Novacan Black Patina
-Rich black patina with excellent adhesion to both lead & solder.
-  8 Oz. Bottle         MCNB008
-16 Oz. Bottle         MCNB016
-  2 Gal. Container   MCNB200
Novacan Glass Cutter Oil
- A non-toxic, low odor ol based libricant. No
petrleum distillates
- 8 ounce    MCNO008
Novacan Black Patina for Zinc
-Special mae for black finish on zinc.
- 8 Oz. Bottle         MCNB1008
- 2 Gal. Container   MVNB1100
Novacan's Lead Plate
- Special made for copper finish on lead.
- 8 ounce                MCNL008
Novacan Grinder Coolant
-Helps extend grinder bit life when
added to water reservoir.
- 8 ounce              MCNG008
Novacan Stain Remover
-Remove most stains. Contains
Hydrogen Tetrafluoborate.
- 8 ounce   MCNS008
Novacan Old Masters Flux
-A general purpose flux contains zinc
- 8 Oz. Bottle        MCNF008
- 2 Gal. Container  MCNF100
Novacan Copper Patina for Zinc
-Copper patina for use on zinc came.
-8 Oz. Bottle           MCNZ008
Novacan Super Brite Copper Patina
-A fast acting copper patina for solder.
- 8 Ox. Bottle         MCNC008
- 2 Gal. Container    MCNC200
Classic 100 Gel Flux
-Odorless, non-smoking flux for
copper, lead & zinc came. Water
- 4 ounce Bottle     MCS004
- 8 ounce Bottle     MCS008

Hollander Glass Inc.
Cleaners & Finishing Products
Classic's Neutraclear
-A premium defluxer for stained glass
soldering cleanup.  Prevents corrosion by
neutralizing & completely removing flux
- 8 oz. Bottle       MCS008
- 1 Gal.               MCS100
Hakko USA's Tip Cleaner Paste
-The FS-100 paste re-tins oxidized
soldering iron tips & is 100% lead free.
The flux does not container Diamonium
phosphate & does not leave a corrosive
Grinder Coolant Fluid
Inland's Grinder Coolant Fluid
-This hight lubricity, water soluble
solution elimiated friction when mixed
with water in your grinder reservoir.  It
will add up to 50% to the life of yur bit.
-8 Oz.Bottle          TIC50011

Cutting Oil
Cleaning & Finishing Products
Cutting Oil
Grinder Coolant Fluid
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